The project presentation: “Exhibitions – Opportunities – Markets” at the Eiffel Tower in France, Paris.

On December 11th, 2006 unique for its efficiency and importance, an event took place at the Eiffel Tower. It contributed to both the strengthening bilateral cooperation between Russia and France and extending the presence of French companies in the Russian market.

Project presentation on the Eiffel Tower
Chairman of the Directors’ Board,
Director General
of MVK Exhibition company
Mr. Alexey Shaburov
President of MVK Exhibition company
Andrey Lapshin

On that day the presentation of the “Exhibitions – Opportunities – Markets” project was held, organized by MVK Exhibition company.

The project was aimed at establishing commercial and economic relations, advantageous business contacts and ties. The presentation involved the participation of the event organizers and partners, public officials as well as representatives of major Russian exhibition centers and companies.

The presentation was opened by the project’s author Mr. Alexey Shaburov, Chairman of the Directors“ Board, Director General of MVK Exhibition company. At the beginning of his welcome address he invited the UNESCO children who came to support the event to play piano a few magnificent pieces of classical music. Mr. Shaburov underlined that the project enabled the bringing together in Paris of the representatives of the 24 biggest Russian exhibition companies, members of the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs.

Within the framework of the exhibition the “Exhibitions — Opportunities — Markets” project presentation was held. French businessmen received a top-level explanation of Russian market advantages.

All speakers told their French colleagues about the prospects for business development in Russia and emphasized that exhibitions appealed to be a very good tool

Besides, the project directly enabled the shortest exhibition in the world. It lasted just one minute and its organizers were awarded with a Russia Records Book Diploma. The visitors could also see MVK exhibition stands with the names of leading Russian exhibition companies and centers.

Shortly after that the visitors could witness another amazing performance. From the height of the first level of the Tower they could see people had got together in front of the Eiffel Tower and were making the shape of the MVK abbreviation.

The event was followed by a formal reception at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in France. It provided both Russian and French colleagues with an excellent opportunity to know one another, have face to face conversations; exchange contacts and establish mutually advantageous cooperation.

Project presentation on the Eiffel Tower
Chairman of the Directors’ Board,
Director General
of MVK Exhibition company
Mr. Alexey Shaburov

Ceremony plan

Welcoming speech of the Chairman of the Board, Director General of MVK Exhibition company Alexey Shaburov  
1. Regional aspects of cooperation between Russia and France. Ivan Prostakov
Trade Representative of Russia in France
2. Investment demands of the RF regions by the example of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Yuri Senturin
Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Committee for Energy, Transport and Communications
3. Peculiarities of foreign company accreditations in Russia. Yuri Denisenkov
Director of the Department for Foreign Companies Accreditation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
4. International exhibitions as the shortest way for business to enter new markets. Successful promotion of projects experience. Igor Prudnikov
Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow
5. Possibilities of regional exhibition business in the Russian Federation and leading Russian brands. Sergey Alekseev
President of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs
6. Report on the peculiarities of investment strategy of the developing regions of the RF. Role of exhibition activities in acquiring investments. Representative of the Department of Investments Policy of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
7. Temporary cargo import to the territory of the Russian Federation. Olga Shishkova
Chairman of the Customs Control Organization Department, Customs Academy of the Russian Federation
8. MVK Exhibition company - leader of the exhibition industry of Russia. Andrey Lapshin
President of MVK Exhibition company
9. Experience of French companies attraction to the Russian market and exhibitions. Andrey Maslak
President of the "Staraya Krepost" ExpoMediaGroup
10. New approaches to exhibition business organization. Alexey Shaburov
Chairman of the Board, Executive Vice-President of MVK Exhibition company
Concluding speech of organizers and the Representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in France.
Invitation to the reception in the Embassy of Russia in Paris.