The greeting from the Deputy Chairman of the Commitee for Energy, Transport and Communication of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Y. Senturin

Dear friends!

Y. Senturin

On behalf of Nizhny Novgorod electors and on my own behalf, let me welcome participants and organizers of the presentation "Exhibitions – Opportunities – Markets". Such events help to strengthen trust, mutual support and cooperation between countries, peoples and regions.

I both welcome and declare the principle of support that is the basis of practical politics.


The greeting from the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in France A. Avdeev

Dear friends!

A. Avdeev

Let me welcome participants of the project “Exhibitions – Opportunities – Markets” as well as all those who wish to establish mutually beneficial business ties with Russia, thus regarding it as a reliable, predictable and effective partner. I understand this interest as a token of sympathy and trust towards our country.

Russia stays loyal to its chosen course of social and economic reforms and it is comforting to see that consistent and well-directed activity of the last years shows good efficiency. Today’s Russia is a state with a dynamic economy open to fair dialogue and ready for mutually beneficial cooperation in all spheres. We appreciate the same culture values, we are governed by the same principles and rules the entire democratic world is governed by.

Russia has a good reserve for further speeded development of the national economy, improvement of living standards. The steps being implemented by the Government let economic growth be more stable to foreign economy environment fluctuations, increase concurrent advantages of domestic goods and strengthen social components of the economy.

Bilateral strategic partnership between Russia and France is developing intensively. The basis of the similarity between Moscow and Paris“ stems from their mutual aspirations for strengthening of the multi-polarity and versatile cooperation in international relations. Trade-economic and science-technology interaction between Russia and France makes a substantial contribution into the creation of common economic, cultural and other environments in Europe.

I highly esteem this original project initiated by MVK International exhibition holding to promote growth of French business community interest in participation in Russian exhibit events and, correspondingly, the expansion of the French business presence on the Russian market and strengthening bilateral economic ties on the whole.

I wish you every success in your future undertakings!


The greeting from the Trade Representative of Russia in France I. Prostakov

I. Prostakov

Undoubtedly the exhibition industry is one of the most important instruments of international trade-economic cooperation. Shows and exhibitions are probably the most affordable and effective way to get acquainted with the state-of-the-art achievements in different spheres of human activity, establish business relations and estimate one’s position on a new market. Unfortunately, this affordability is not always evident, especially if we talk about exhibitions in Russia. Our country has a huge territory and diverse possibilities, but this scope and diversity frequently are not supported with enough information, thus the potential of our international economic ties remains limited. This problem is especially evident for the Russian regions.

This fact can be illustrated by the example of economic cooperation between Russia and France. Beyond the borders of Moscow and Saint Petersburg French companies are active only in few regions. First of all, the Volga region (Samara and the Nizhny Novgorod region), Tatarstan, Ural, Krasnodar region, whilst almost no French presence can be seen in most other parts of our country. It doesn’t mean Russian and French companies don’t have projects in manufacture industry or trade, which they could offer each other for cooperative realization, but there is no exchange of information and contacts establishing mechanism.

It’s important to point out that both Russian and French sides have been trying to improve this situation recently. With participation of the Trade Delegation of Russia in France and Economic Mission of France in Russia a few good events were held, aimed at activating regional cooperation. The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry adopted a special Plan of external economic activity in Russia, we can see the increase of French companies“ presence in the regions and the promotion of their participation in Russian exhibitions among its primary objectives.

In this setting MVK Holding Company’s initiative to present its capabilities in the Russian exhibit industry to French businessmen is significantly more than ever. It completely corresponds to the needs of our bilateral relations, which surely demand the development of trade-fair activity. Today our French partners get one more opportunity to understand how to do business in Russia, how to determine most foreground regions and branches of cooperation.

And finally the presentation of MVK Holding Company in Paris is profoundly symbolic, since the capital of France is virtually a true historic center of the international exhibit industry. It bears repeating that the Eiffel Tower itself is not a mere “remarkable sight” of Paris, it is a symbol of the World Exhibition 1889. The headquarters of the International Bureau of Exhibitions (IBE), authoritative organization supervising world EXPO exhibitions, a membership in which Russia has, is situated in Paris. For this reason I heartily welcome MVK Holding Company in Paris not only as a Trade Representative of Russia in France, but as a National Delegate of Russia for IBE as well.


The greeting from the Minister-Counsellor For Economic and Financial Affairs Jean-Francois Collin

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Jean-Francois Collin

The value of specialized exhibitions is evident to everybody in Russia. Exhibitions are a strong means of effective marketing communications, a place for the meeting of professionals; they provide a global overview of the situation in this or that economic branch.

Moscow and Russian regions see a great plenty of specialized exhibitions, at that the share of foreign participants is constantly increasing, which adds to their importance. Unfortunately, French pavilions are not so numerous at these exhibitions.

The project “Exhibitions – Possibilities – Markets” of MVK Holding Company, one of the largest specialized exhibition organizers of Russia, is aimed at the spreading of information about the largest exhibition projects held in Russia. Indeed there are plenty of different specialized international exhibitions of heavy machinery, woodworking, furniture, packaging and printing, perfumery and cosmetics, agriculture and so on. Participation in these salons opens good perspectives for foreign companies to enter the Russian market.

Reports of high-ranking Russian officials will let French businessmen acquire information concerning the possibilities they get when participating in exhibitions. Besides, it is a good way to study existing opportunities for doing business on the Russian market and its demands.

We hope this event will facilitate the strengthening of the French presence in the Russian market and become a perfect opportunity for you to widen your contacts in Russia and establish new business ties.


Official support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

To participants and guests of
“Exhibitions – Possibilities – Market” project
Dear friends!

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation I heartily welcome all participants of the project “Exhibitions – Possibilities – Market”!

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation considers its chief mission to be active support of Russian manufacturers, attraction of investments into particular branches of industry and regions, technology renovation of foreground industries and innovative project realization.

Due to international economic integration the role of exhibitions and fairs as an effective instrument of modern marketing has risen dramatically. To a large extent it is the impetuous development of congress and the trade-fair industry that makes today’s Russia one of the most attractive states in the world to invest in.

It is a safe bet to say that this project will provide invaluable support for domestic manufacturers, attract new investments in the Russian economy and make an essential contribution into further development of relations between Russia and France.

I wish the organizers, participants and guests of this project fruitful work, success, new ideas and expansion of mutually beneficial relations!

B.N. Pastukhov
Chief Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the
Russian Federation


The greeting from the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moscow, Chairman of the Moscow Exhibition Guild Leonid Govorov

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

L. Govorov

The very name of the project “Exhibitions – Possibilities – Markets” indicates that MVK Exhibition company is perfectly aware of the principle objective of exhibition activity: to give the domestic manufacturer an opportunity to promote its produce on new markets.

Today, in the era of dramatically developing communication technologies it is very important to develop exhibition technologies since they have already proved to be effective. Accumulating all state-of-the-art achievements of information and presentation technology exhibitions are a unique communication instrument which makes it possible for manufacturers to meet their clients face-to-face.

The fact that “Exhibitions – Possibilities – Markets” project will take place in the Eiffel Tower is highly symbolic. The Eiffel Tower is not only a symbol of Paris, the capital where the headquarters of the leading world exhibition organizations International Bureau of Exhibitions (IBE) and World Association of Exhibition Industry are situated, but a “live” exhibit: a symbol of the World Exhibition 1889.

I hope that the meeting of representatives of the Russian and French business circles in the top of the Eiffel Tower will create favourable conditions for establishing mutually beneficial contacts and exchange of information between businessmen of two countries, provide broader opportunities for getting acquainted with existing trade, investment, science and technology potential of Russia and France. It will without doubt serve for the development of cooperation in the sphere of trade-fair activity, introduction of new joint projects.


The greeting from the President of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs S. P. Alekseev

Dear friends!

S. Alekseev

On behalf of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs I am glad to welcome all participants and guests of the upcoming project “Exhibitions – Possibilities – Markets”.

During the past 15 years the exhibition business of the Russian Federation started to play a remarkable role in the economy of Russia. Exhibitions and trade-fairs are a unique instrument for studying, researching and promotion of produce in the Russian market. Our exhibitions really make great steps ahead, becoming international and attracting more and more foreign participants.
Speaking of this progress I would like to point out the contribution of MVK Holding Company which displays its achievements in the very heart of France, in the top of the Eiffel Tower. This step will serve as a perfect impetus for further Russian exhibition business development, for attraction of additional investments in our economy.

“Exhibitions – Possibilities – Markets” project is a huge success of Russian exhibition people!


The greeting from Harald Kütter, Director General of FKM, Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics (Germany)

Harald Kütter

“MVK Exhibition company is the only Russian company which has been a member of the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics FKM (Germany) since December 2003. 14 exhibitions of MVK go through the voluntary statistics data audit annually. We are glad that MVK readily provides reliable data on statistics to participants and visitors so that they could prearrange their participation in upcoming exhibitions”

Today the FKM Company (founded in 1965) is a guarantee of reliability and conformity of statistics on participants“ quantity, visitors and floorspace to exhibit standards. FKM also supplies reliable information concerning the visitors” composition and status.

Over 320 exhibitions conducted by 72 German exhibition companies undergo annual voluntary control of statistics. Auditors regularly check data by branches of industry. A famous German audit company operates as an independent society of data control for FKM