The project presentation: Exhibitions – Opportunities – Markets in the two Eiffel Towers: in France and Russia

December 28th, 2006

A unique event, highly important and extremely important for the strengthening the bilateral cooperation between Russia and France, as well as for extending the presence of French companies on the Russian market, took place in the Eiffel Tower on December 11th, 2006.

That day, MVK International Exhibition Holding held a presentation of the Exhibitions – Opportunities – Markets project. The project’s purpose was to promote trade and economic relationships and the establishment of lucrative business ties. The organizers and partners of the event, as well as governmental officers and representatives of the largest Russian exhibition centers and companies took part in the presentation.

The presentation was opened by the project’s author Mr. Alexey Shaburov, Chairman of the Directors' Board, Director General of MVK International Exhibition Holding. At the beginning of his welcoming speech he invited the UNESCO children who came to support the event to play piano a few magnificent pieces of classical music. Mr. Shaburov underlined that the project enabled the bringing together in Paris of the representatives of the twenty four biggest Russian exhibition companies, members of the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs. The Exhibitions – Opportunities – Markets project is to show real opportunities available for French companies to enter into the Russian market through exhibitions as this business is the most advantageous and efficient tool in the field of companies' corporate brand promotion into new and promising markets.

Mikhail Yakovlev, Advisor and Delegate of the Embassy of Russia in France pointed out that currently the relationship between Russia and France was on the rise, which is why then was the perfect time to establish closer ties. Mr. Yakovlev finished his speech saying that “this is very symbolic to hold the project’s presentation in the Eiffel Tower. It opens a better view from its top over perspectives of bilateral trade and economic cooperation”.

Ivan Prostakov, Trade Representative of Russia in France, Russian National Delegate at the International Exhibitions Bureau put special emphasis on the fact that the project organized by MVK International Exhibition Holding perfectly fits into the course of bilateral events in the trade and economic sphere. The presentation is definitely one of a kind event, because nowadays there is such a small number of seminars and conferences devoted to the exhibition industry. The presence of French companies outside Moscow and Saint Petersburg is very plain, even though there are good prerequisites for it. He spoke in detail on the advantages Russian regions might open for the business development of French companies.

Yury Senturin, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, Transport and Communications also made a speech at the event on behalf of the United Russia party. He underlined that the State Duma of Russia promotes the establishment of effective relationships between the two countries, and said that the exhibition business is the best tool to present the company, to showcase its products and technologies.

Yuri Denisenkov, Director of the Department for Foreign Companies Accreditation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation minutely spoke on the structure of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and on the peculiarities for foreign companies' accreditation. This kind of information is very useful for French entrepreneurs who aim to launch a business in our country. Mr. Denisenkov also marked that “the presentation in the Eiffel Tower is a very beautiful and spectacular campaign, which will undoubtedly promote the development and consolidation of Russian and French cooperation”.

The conference’s participants were especially intrigued with the speech made by Andrey Lapshin, President of MVK International Exhibition Holding. He shared with the foreign colleagues information about the structure of MVK International Exhibition Holding, its achievements and events organized by the holding. “We put quality, not quantity, of the exhibitions we have organized as the top priority,” he said.

All speakers told their French colleagues about the prospects for business development in the Russian territory and emphasized the exhibition industry suits perfectly to perform this work.
Besides, the project directly enabled the shortest exhibition in the world. It lasted just one minute and its organizers were awarded with a Russia Records Book Diploma. The visitors could also see MVK exhibition stands with the names of leading Russian exhibition companies and centers.

Shortly after that the visitors could witness another amazing performance. From the height of the first level of the Tower they could see people had got together in front of the Eiffel Tower and were making the shape of the MVK abbreviation.

The event was followed by a formal reception at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in France. It provided both Russian and French colleagues with an excellent opportunity to get to know one another, have face to face conversations; exchange contacts and establish mutually advantageous cooperation.

Thus, one can be certain to conclude that the conference organized in the Eiffel Tower on December, 11th by the MVK International Exhibition Holding, a key activist of the Russian exhibition industry, was a truly unique event. The Exhibitions – Opportunities – Markets presentation provoked a lot of interest and enthusiasm from French representatives and it was really positive and encouraging. The number of visitors (more than 200 people) spoke for itself. It was certain proof of the keen interest showed by the French companies which were not presented in the Russian market yet to build up their business activities in the Russian Federation.


On that same day, MVK International Exhibition Holding organized an exhibition called the TWO PARISes held in the Russian village of Paris situated in the Chelyabinsk region. Among the participants numbering close to one thousand people there were eight regional heads of districts and villages, schoolchildren of the Paris village and French language learning gymnasium pupils from Chelyabinsk as well as some enthusiastic village inhabitants.

The exhibition was highlighted by seven Russian TV-channels and four printed media outlets from Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk. The MVK specialists and the Uralsvyazinform Company, owner of the Ural Eiffel Tower, provided technical support for the project.

It was the first time when the inhabitants of the Ural Paris saw a real exhibition and learned the way MVK organized international exhibitions.

Children and their parents highly appreciated the business programme of the event organized by MVK Exhibition company in cooperation with the Alliance Francaise Cultural Centre, representative of the French Embassy in Chelyabinsk.

The winners of the educational quiz were awarded with valuable prizes. Irina Baikova, a schoolgirl from the Paris village got a modern computer. Vlada Molokanova, who came from Chelyabinsk, won the grand prize: a grant from the MVK organizing committee. Now, the girl’s dream to visit France and see this wonderful country will come true. Presents, prizes and thousands of colourful balloons with MVK logos were given to the regional Museum and to the Cultural Centre, as well as to all the children who came that day to the Paris village.

Paris village inhabitants were keen on participating in the preparations for the event; visitors enjoyed the Paris folk music group performances, regional cuisine and troika rides.
The TWO PARISes project has met all expectations, the exhibition was held simultaneously in France and in Russia. So, the Ural Paris natives could witness the presentation taking place in the French capital.

This bright festival organized by MVK International Exhibition Holding for the Russian Paris inhabitants culminated in a stunning fireworks show given by night in front of the Eiffel Tower.